Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Long hair" tips + sleeping with the enemy

Something happened. I did something stupid. Stupid.

...and now I am left with guilt. The rival of the mens magazine I write for was in our town one evening. They regularly feature a nightlife section in their magazine, where they go and take pics of ladies and stuff. They asked me for a picture, and at that time (drunk) it sounded like a great idea. Picture? Why not.

This was a couple of months back so I happily forgot about... Until the day the pic turned up in their magazine. I don't like this guilty feeling (but I do look pretty good on the photo I think).

I was drunk. I do not get drunk very often since I'd rather be home eating in front of the TV and getting tons of sleep.

If you don't believe me, here's another picture from that night.

Found at 

Damn.. I even got their logo on me. Oh god I love the magazine I work for and yet here I am, apparently a walking advertisement for M!. My boyfriend just laughs at me and says it's no big deal, just a photo. I hope his right, because I feel awful about it. 

OK, enough with that, let's move on. I wasn't planning on writing anything before tomorrow, but since I was in front of the computer anyway, sick and not able to do much, I thought I might as well post now. Boyfriend is with his friends in another room playing xbox. Dog is sleeping. Boring evening (guess I'll just watch tv and eat something). 

Kassica asked me just now for some tips on growing and maintaining long hair. At first I thought that I didn't really do anything (I always torture the hell out of my hair. It's a miracle I even have a single hair left on my head). Then I realized I actually do some stuff without even thinking about it!! 

I've just gotten used to my routine since my hair has been long for years, so I did not consider it as maintaining.

I do have pretty tough hair though. I don't use any special products, I just buy whatever is cheap. I don't put on hair masks and I only condition 1/3 times since I'm lazy. 

Also, I haven't cut my hair properly for years, so it's no wonder it got so long.

You may already know these tips, but this is what I do (nothing). 

In the shower:

1. When showering, only add shampoo to scalp and roots. No further down, especially not anywhere close to the tips/ends. That would otherwise dry the ends out badly.

2. I only rinse with lukewarm water, since the extra heat is unnecessary damage to the hair.

3. Before adding any conditioner, I divide my hair in to two "pig tails" and gently squish out most of the water so the conditioner will be more concentrated once it's been added. 
I don't believe you need to make pig tails if your hair is shorter, but it makes it a lot easier if your hair is long.

4. Go freaking crazy with the conditioner. More is more. I use a lot of conditioner (to exaggerate half a bottle) and make sure I get it even all over. Then I massage gently and leave it in for 5 min. 

After shower:

5. After the shower - before I wrap my hair in a towel, I do the pigtail-squishy thing again. This makes my hair dry faster. Please don't ever try and dry it by rubbing it with your towel!!

6. I only blow-dry my hair if it is extremely important. There is so many other ways I'd rather f**k my hair up in. I also only use hair straighteners and curling irons on rare occasions.

7. When brushing through my hair I start at the bottom and brush gently, moving up towards the roots.

Other tips:

8. I don't wash my hair every day. Every two or three days I wash it. No need to abuse it more than what is necessary.

9. UPDATE! I tried out a tip for healthier hair today. It was very very simple and it is something that you always keep at home, so very inexpensive. The tip was to add mayonnaise to your hair and let it sit for 30 min. Once I washed it off and it dried, my hair looked so much better! It feels super soft, so smooth and stronger now. I think I'll start doing this more often. It feels too good to be true, since it did not take much time or effort and only costed me 1/4 bottle mayonnaise. Amazing!

...Ok, so it was only two more.

I think that is all for now. Sorry for another too long post :b 

I want to say thank you to the few fellow bloggers I have talked to so far. Every one of you have been so warm and welcoming. Such nice people!! 

So thanks a lot for being awesome!! <3 


  1. I think the photo looks good! For being drunk it could have been worse lol. Lovely dress too :D

    OMG I'm a towel dryer ... I never thought I was actually doing something wrong *slaps hand* .. I shall snap out of that from now :o thanks for the tips hunny :) xxx

    1. Ohh thank you :D I must say I was a bit relieved when I saw what the photo looked like. Usually I look a lot more unappealing when drunk haha.

      You're welcome :) haha I used to do that too when I was younger, it is a horrible bad habit :P
      But hey, we still have hair on our heads right? ;)

    2. Loool, your lucky than lol :P I do it all the time without fail but ill be fighting the urge too now lol! Haha your very right :P although mine is refusing to grow much :( but cutting the bad habit might help hehe xx

    3. It just might :) and in case it doesn't work, then at least you've gotten your hair a bit healthier :D

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    haha i've started cutting my own hair and i was so surprised that i managed to get the style i wanted without hacking off all of my hair

    1. Thank you Val :D
      So did you use a special technique or/and some special scissors for the cut?

  4. i actually just googled the style i wanted (farrah fawcett's feathered hair <3) and went with it
    i was so impressed with your blog so i nominated your for the versatile blogger award!! please please please accept it.. rules are on my homepage!!

  5. Thank you for tips:) I am trying to grow my hair long and any tips are welcomed :)

    I am a new follower :) I started blogging not so long time ago and I would really appreciate if you would have a look at my blog :)