Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cutest boots on earth!

I just got the cutest boots on sale. Found them on this site. I guess they are a bit out of season, but i just had to have them. They are so varm and fluffy, and they will fit well with some cute outfit I think.
 I love them so much that I must figure out some good excuse to convince my boyfriend why I must get a pair in brown as well...!
They fit well and are really comfy once I get them on, but the process of getting them on is... Let's just say tiring. This pair is just amazing enough to be worth it :)

Can't wait to outwear them next autumn/winter!!
Not really though, I probably won't dare to wear them that much.

I also went grocery shopping today and since I was already in need of some cheap eyelashes, I couldn't help myself and I ended up buying these kits when I came across them. 

....And here some more pics: 

I know my hair looks a bit weird - I wore it up in something (what to call it?) like a ponytail.

Cat and I made pizza this evening. Yummy!

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