Saturday, April 7, 2012

First blog post!!

So this is my first blog post - I'm so excited! 

Why, you might ask? Because some time in the future I'll look these silly first posts up and have a really good laugh at how boring and pathetic my life used to be (hopefully - otherwise I'm going to look them up and cry, because my life was never better than this). 

Anyways, here I am - in the start of my twenties, living in Denmark, have gone out with my boyfriend for nearly two years now, and going steady. I'm a happy dogowner obsessing about my three year old papillon called Tarzan. A loving and loyal dog, but super weird up in his head. 
I only deal with small everyday life stuff like lovelife, studying, family, being a "poor" student and having crazy in-laws, so this is not really the most eventful blog. 

I also write for a danish mens magazine (online), so if you're danish you can go check out my articles at I mostly do articles on gadgets and video games, or random stuff like cool workplaces and scolding my TV. I yearn to have a place to write about more girly things, like makeup and clothes, so these things might turn up on this blog too. 

My boyfriend is one of the most important persons of my life. His name is Catalin (believe it or not, that IS a boys name. Btw, I'm heterosexual lol). He is romanian, while I'm danish/hawaiian along with some mexican I think. Guess we'll be making some very international children some day, heh.

Right now we have easter break and have had a really good time so far. The day before yesterday my mother stayed over at our apartment, so we all just watched movies, ate homemade sushi and had chips and cola. We also played a board game called bezzerwizzer. It was really fun and relaxing. Next day we took a nice walk along the beach with the dog.

Before ending this post I'll just throw up some pictures from the stayover.

On the train

 Breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon for Cat and vegebacon for me and mum. Yes, we are vegetarians :P

Tarzan excited to go out. I think he looks so cute on this one!

On the way to the beach

This is the right way, right?

These looked so much better when they were freshly made

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