Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I finally found a solution to all my problems!

Well, maybe not all of my problems (it can't make my crazy mother in law relax and take it easy), but it can and it will organize all of my stuff. Okay, it can't do that neither, but it can contain most of what I need (My name is Tatiana and I am a makeup hoarder).


The reason why I'm so excited is that I never get around buying anything to organize my things properly. This took me less than five minutes, didn't cost me anything and was just so easy :D Scissor and cardboard box... and done!
I do realize that it is ugly, but once I have the time (and some glue), I'll wrap it in some gift paper and add some shiny things ♥ Then I think it'll look really nice.

Looks or not, it does the job. It'll save me so much time in the morning When I don't have to look through a giant beauty bag to find one single thing.

For all my stuff I am gonna need another box, because...

Things just keep coming!!

Yup, I'm guilty.

Oh also this:

These brushes are soo nice and soft!! Can't wait to try them.
The mini bamboo brush set is so cute, and a really good size for when I am on the go. The only thing I'm worried about is the contour brush, since I think it might be just a tiny bit rough on the skin.

I love how e.l.f.'s brushes are cruelty free since I always feel bad when buying a brush that is not. The brushes are even eco-friendly! The kabuki brush is also cruelty free and anti-bacterial. NICE!!

I've become pretty bored with my hair lately, so I've been thinking about doing some changes.

I'll cut my hair this week, and maybe if I dare to, I'll try making bangs. (No way you're going through with that, you're such a chicken!) 

....and also this came through the mail today:

Yup, that's right, I'm going blonde.

Nah, I'm not really sure yet. I just thought it would be a fun experiment to see if my hair will actually do it.  My hair usually lightens very easily, so I'm wondering how it will turn out. If it won't do blonde, I'll dye it some pretty brown shade. 
I'm going to update on this blog during the whole blonde experiment, so be sure to come back :)

For the next few days I'll try and be really nice to my hair, since I usually torture the hell out of it. 2/3 times I don't condition in the shower because I'm too lazy. I never cut it and I never use those treatments that you can get for it. 

That whole thing is going to change now, otherwise I'll be going bald very soon. 
From now on I'll condition the living s**t out of it, and put on hair masks frequently. 
So much work sacrifice in the name of science :P 

I'm scared just thinking about cutting my long princess hair... Right now it looks like this:

(It doesn't really appear this much two-coloured in real life. Or so I think.)

Okay, so I got to run now. I got two school assignments to make today, cooking, cleaning and caring for a sick boyfriend to do. Before I go, I'll just add a few more pictures of my beautiful creation:

*le me is creative


  1. That is genius!! What a clever little idea to hold everything !
    & OMG how beautiful is your hair!!! So jealous right now :O mines took a refusal to grow any longer than just below my shoulders :( xxx

  2. I think so too! :D It only needs a bit of shiny (ooh shiny!!)

    Haha my hair only got this long from years of refusing to go see hairdresser...

    I don't trust them!! I think that deep down inside they are all sadists - whenever they see a girl with nice long hair walk in to their salon, they say "Oh don't worry, I won't take off much of the length" but they secretly think "Hahah, long hair, not for long my friend". They are maniacs with scissors after all.

    And thanks btw :D

  3. Very good idea, it looks cute! I have something similar but I bought it, should have saved my money and bought more makeup instead haha.

  4. cute blog dear..happy to follow u..hope u follow back

    1. Thanks a lot :D Hehe in fact I am already following you :) Your blog is really cute too!

  5. Do you have any tips for growing and maintaining your hair? It is so long! Please check out my blog! It would make my day if you followed my blog!


    1. Hey Kassica ! (Cute name btw)

      Sure, I'll add my tips in my next blog post (tomorrow) :)

      I checked your blog out just now and from what I read, it's quite nice. Also love the photos of the blooming trees you got :D
      - I'm added as a follower. Feel free to follow back if you want :)

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