Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday at the in laws + thoughts on prejudice

Yes, I have gained some weight. No, not as much as shows on this photo. I had huge ass dress underneath the sweater. (Btw, I'm the one on the left)

It is saturday today and we are still at his old folks house. I don't know what it is, but it seems that time always move much slower out here than when we are back home... Not much happens out here, but it is very quiet and peaceful. (Too quiet and peaceful sometimes!)

The revue last night was actually really good and the food was awesome. I had quite a few laughs (I'd never imagined I'd ever see my conservative father-in-law in a dress) and some jokes they made were quite smart.

If you are not in the mood for reading a lot, scroll down - there's pictures.

WARNING! Long and not very pleasant.
Okay, now to the main subject of this post - why are some people buying some biased BS?

From time to time, every now and then I get accused of various things. Being fake, mean, a troublemaker, not wanting friends and lots of other things. Some may be true (I don't know), but then people should confront me with those accusations instead of sneaking around and telling to everyone else (besides me) on this planet. I'm not dangerous, I rarely bite and I love reasonable criticism at my open face.

The "fake" accusation I find absolutely hilarious. I'm true to myself and I'm proud of that. I'm very real, thank you. If you want my honest opinion I'll give it to you, and I'm made of the same disgusting cocktail of flesh, skin and fat (and odd body hair) that everyone else is.

The "mean"accusation is even more fun. My intensions are never bad. Of course I can't avoid doing anything wrong, so when I accidentally do, I do all I can to make it up and clear up eventual misunderstandings.

The "not wanting to make friends" is partly true. I always keep my arms wide open and I love to meet new people and make friends. However, if I have tried over and over again to be nice to someone without getting any response back,  I'll assume that they aren't interested in getting closer and stop trying. I can't keep reaching my hand out to a person who is not going to grab it.
If the person regrets and do want my hand later on, I'd be happy to grab theirs.

But why should I fight for recognition from some people that are not even interested in getting to know me?

Fuck no, I won't, I'll leave them to themselves. Jesus, I'm not that desperate. I got great friends, so no thanks.

I just don't get why someone can live with such a closed mind and heart. What do they think?
"I don't want to make new friends, because I already got 2! There is no room in my heart to contain more". That is just sad...

...And what kind of friends would they make, anyway?

Scary thought... Okay if we go back to the subject, I do have one last thing to say. I think that half of the accusations towards me are purely some bitches wanting to bitch about something.
That is just rude and really freaking disgusting. 

But since the mean ones will sadly keep spreading their nasty comments like farts, no matter what I say, so I'll give those bitches something to talk about: 

Here you go. Eat it raw.

If you are a nice person is reading this, then I am sorry the post turned out filled with anger. Please don't feel uncomfortable. Since you were left out in this post, here is a picture for you ♥

Tarzan's son Azorel. Isn't he cute?

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  1. Don't listen to them girl, they are just jealous! <3 Just keep being you and the people who deserve to be in your life will love you for that.

  2. Aww.. you're so sweet!! :') <3 Thank you... That is what I thought too.. It's is just sad that some people are like that :(