Thursday, January 17, 2013


Busy? Yup.

It's been ages since I last blogged, and so many things have happened since then. 

For starters, I'm even more blond now, and have been so ever since I did my post. A lot of people dislike it, but eventually, I'll go back to being dark haired once I get tired of doing my roots. 

So what does it look like? This: 

Little sis to the left, isn't she a beauty? :D

From New Years at my place. With bestie Simone <3 

Pink night at Mette's place. Me and Claus :)

At home, favorite dress !

Taken during summer

Another pic of fav dress + crazy retro flower hair

Biggest reason why I didn't blog for some time, was that I moved. I got an awesome apartment in a new city and I enjoy it soooo much! It's bigger and we got some pretty sweet furniture. We even have a guest room for our V.I.P.S ;) 

Pic from the guest room  <3 

Part of the living room :)

Another huuuge change is, that since New Year, I've been animal free

I've been vegetarian for many years, but since the start of 2013 I haven't had any dairy, fish or eggs either. I've been really surprised since then because my energy is up to a whole new level !! I feel so good in my body, so good that I even started exercising. That is a big deal for me, since I'm the worlds biggest couch potato :) 

What the new diet also demands, is that I almost only eat homemade food. Do I miss junk? Yes. Though not as much as I thought I would have :) 

So I mostly eat stuff like this: 

(I'll have some recipes out on the blog soon)

Cauliflower in garlic dough. YUM !

Last ones are inspired by a recipe I found on PETA's website.

So... this was a quick update on the last half year an what I've been up to. Other than that, it's pretty much the same, me and cat go to school, hang out with friends and so on... 

Feels good to do blogging again. Hopefully I'll be able to post a lot more often.

See you soon ;) 

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  1. You're BACCKK!!
    Can't wait for your next post!
    Agh and you look as gorgeous as ever!! x

  2. Yeah I definitely am !! :D Beautiful work you've done with your blog btw !

    Aww thank you hun :)

    You look great too !! ;)

    Best wishes <3