Saturday, April 7, 2012

e.l.f. a love story

I'm a sucker for e.l.f. cosmetics. 

They've got so many great products and the products are so very cheap! I almost had a heartattack first time I saw their prices. The girl in me almost started crying out of happiness.

I am addicted to beauty products and makeup, and those are usually very expensive in Denmark. I'm really good at using money, so I also try to keep my living costs down (which is hard when you prefer organic foods, even for your dog). Discovering e.l.f.'s website really saved me a lot. Even though every order needs to be shipped from the UK to here, they often have discount codes for savings or free delivery, or some cool campaign going on.

Right now they got some free delivery going on. I used the code PINKYSEARCHEU and got free delivery along with some voucher. Only downside was, that you have to use at least 10 euros to use the code. I didn't really mind much because it was a good excuse for me to get some more stuff guilt-free.

I also really like their brushes. They are really cheap, and I believe all of them (maybe just most) are cruelty-free.

So a delivery for me is on the way... Wait, didn't I already..? Oh right, I just got an earlier order today, from when they had another campaign going on. Wow... just realized how addicted I am. Two orders within 10 days. I need help.

Can't wait to try it out, though!

Actually, I only bought the lashes, the concealer, the eyeliner and the eyebrow kit. The rest was included in a mystery gift bag I got for free from using a code. Included in the bag was the eyeshadow, the cream eyeliner, the lip gloss and a really awesome bamboo brush. 

Think I'll try it all out tomorrow and then post it if I have the time. Got a ton of homework to do.

Right now I'm at my in-laws house, and it looks like an easter bunny came and threw up all over the place. My mother-in-law is so cute. She always decorates like crazy when a holiday is coming up.

One of her decorations I really like - it is a basket full of colored eggs. I love how it looks so happy and playful. 

A little easter game

My mother in law told me that the coloured eggs is an orthodox tradition (she is orthodox). She believe that a woman came to Jesus when he was on the cross and put some eggs under it. Jesus bled, and the blood turned the eggs red. While I do not really share her beliefs, I really like the tradition. They usually play a game with the eggs before they eat them, so my boyfriend and me tried it out as well.
At first we had to say something in romanian. My romanian is terrible, so I'll just write in english what we said.

Catalin: Jesus has risen
Tatiana: Is that so/so he has

Then one of the two has to try and break the other one's egg with his/her own egg. The owner of the egg that breaks can then eat it. The "winner" has to compete with someone else the same way.

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