Sunday, February 10, 2013

The vegan changeover

As I mentioned earlier, the new year has been all about veggies :) 

I continue to be surprised about my boyfriend's weight loss - He is now 6 kilos lighter than when he started 1st January this year.

He continues to drop between 1/2-1 kilo each week !

He still eat how much he wants, whenever he wants and he drinks waay more soda than he should. He doesn't even move a bit, since he is usually studying or gaming all day. I envy his transformation so much !

For me, being a long time vegetarian - I haven't lost much I think. I started exercising too, so it might be due to a weight gain in muscles.

I got a fab jacket, some bags and super cute warm boots on january sale + some basic clothes though I haven't gotten around to take pictures yet.

Other than that, I've been up to some parties and seeing my lovely bestie Simone a lot :)

Social? yes. Healthier? yes. Skinny? naah... average as always, but we'll work on that ;)

Time for pics:

This was an amazing brunch ♥ Scrambled tofu, bread with becel, semi baked tomatoes, lentil balls and some wonderful facon.

Egg plant filling, tasted better than it looked !

Let's round it all up with a crappy, unlucky photo of me and my lovely lady ;)



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